About Yummy Mummy Brownies

Yummy Mummy Brownies is in central Massachuestts and was founded by Melissa Roiter. The business, which began in 2007, makes delicious homemade brownies.Melissa Roiter grew up surrounded by good food. Her mother, now a yummy gran-mummy, was a caterer, her aunt, a chocolatier and her grandmother, an amazing at-home baker. It was Grandma Irene who passed on to Melissa her famous, unique and always a crowd-pleasing, chocolate brownie recipe.

After years of baking the brownies herself, Melissa knew that the delicious treats were destined to be shared. But a business name? A concept? She needed a spark.

That spark was ignited Mother’s Day 2007; the brownie business started and today Melissa is ready to share the most delicious brownies with you, your friends, and family.

So go ahead and indulge – it’s worth it!

Mummy’s Yummy Brownie Secret from Dian Zhang on Vimeo.