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Emmy H., Westborough, MA
5.0 Star 1/4/2018
Forget the brownies and cupcakes and try the Popovers! They are so delicious that they take you back to your mom’s kitchen. If you ask staff will even warm the Popover for you. I am also obsessed with the coconut cake. I have not had a better coconut pound cake in my life. The prices are very decent. They do a beautiful job on birthday cakes…the list goes on and on. Just stop by and you will see.

Nick Z., Dallas, TX
5.0 Star 8/23/2017
Yummy Mummy set up a tent at the Farmers market at 50 Broadway Cambridge Massachusetts outside the Marriott hotel. Hotel staff told Me to go there. I bought several brownies Caramel Sea Salt, Snickerdoodle, and chocolate Walnut. These are pretty awesome. The best brownies I’ve ever had. Definitely go there and get a brownie.

Connor P., Boston, MA
5.0 Star 6/19/2017
Possibly the most delicious tasting brownie you’ll ever have. I have picked up a $3 brownie from this stand in Kendall Sq as well as at SoWa Market. This is one of the best priced stands I have seen and their brownies are incredible.

The salted caramel is one of my favorites. It’s a perfect sweetness and you’ll occasionally find a hint of the coarse salt. It’s texture is firm with just the right amount of softness.

Do not pass up this stand if you have a chance to try one of their brownies.

Jennifer W., Boston, M
5.0 Star 6/23/2017
Two words: NUTELLA BROWNIES. I always stop by when I see them at farmers markets. All their sweets are incredible but my forever love is their nutella brownie. Look out for the cute pink and brown tent at markets near you for the most delicious brownies you can find anywhere!

Vinicius M., Newton, MA
5.0 Star 4/15/2017
Unbelievable! Best brownies/sweets I’ve ever had, can’t recommend them enough. I use yelp almost daily, but have never left a review… after this place I had a major change of heart! It’s a 45 minute drive from where I live, but the brownies make it all worth it

Raven K., Westborough, MA
5.0 Star 2/18/2017
WOWWWWWW!!!! These guys made me the most amazing birthday cake I have ever had!!!! They decorated it exactly the way I wanted it to look and it looked exactly how I pictured it to be I have to give this place so much credit for putting the time and effort into making my cake look spectacular !!!! Rest assured I will 100% be coming back here for all my birthday cake and other bakery needs!!!!!!!

J.N., Needham Heights, MA
5.0 Star 1/5/2017
I’ve been a fan of Yummy Mummy since it started as an online brownie company and am so glad it’s grown into a bakery. We get all of our birthday cakes from Melissa; they’re always beautiful and so delicious and not insanely expensive. Highly recommend trying the brownies too, they’re incredible.

Nancy G., Southborough, MA
5.0 Star 2/1/2017
I have been a fan of Yummy Mummy Brownies before they had a storefront, so I am so glad that is easy now to stop in and pick some up at any time! I give these as client gifts and everyone loves them. The staff is very accommodating and will take special requests. My kids are obsessed – I can motivate them to do almost anything with the promise of Yummy Mummy Brownies!

Nathan R., North Easton, MA
5.0 Star 12/24/2016
The chocolate chip blondies are excellent and reasonably priced.

Jamie L., Somerville, MA
5.0 star 10/19/2016

I adore these brownies! Come to the farmers’ market in Dewey Square next year please!

Elizabeth H., Manhattan, NY
5.0 star 10/14/2016

Just bought an original gluten free brownie and a salted caramel brownie from the Copley Farmer’s Market in Boston. I only tried the salted caramel and the original is for a friend but hands-down the best brownie I’ve ever had. So fudgie and delicious! It doesn’t even taste gluten free!

Carissa J., Boston, MA
5.0 star 8/23/2016

Currently devouring the meringue with chocolate chips! The best meringue I’ve ever had. Still a little soft on the inside and like a cloud in my mouth. I was trying to save the second one for tomorrow but I cant help myself!

Adela N., Framingham, MA
5.0 star rating 8/18/2016
Delicious homemade desserts. I had salted caramel brownies. Very cute ambiance as well.

Shane K., Framingham, MA
5.0 star 8/15/2016
Without question the best brownies and blondies I’ve ever had. These are real brownies, i.e. dense and fudgy and NOT CAKEY. They have a pretty decent selection of brownie flavors, like coconut, peanut butter, and caramel to name a few. They also make other pastries, like insanely good raspberry bars, and a selection of cookies. It’s a small place, but there’s a big parking lot in the back.

I can’t recommend this bakery enough for when you have a sweet tooth.


Karen, 9/7/2017 — 5 star
Our family knew the brownies were out of this world, but the cake Melissa’s pastry chef at Yummy Mummy, created for Maddie’s Bat Mitzvah was incredible! We loved the way she included Maddie in the design, incorporated our specs. and the final product was beautiful and delicious!! Thanks again!!

Lauren, 9/4/17 — 5 star
What can I say…… If you are looking for a cake don’t hesitate….. Go to Yummy Mummy!!!!!! Thank you for the amazing job you did in replicating my parents wedding cake for their 50th anniversary!!!!!! Huge success!!!!

Doris, 8/21/17 — 5 star
Found these at Copley Square Farmers Market last Friday, best brownies I ever had! Super dense rich fudge like texture, fantastic flavors. Probably a million calories per bite, but worth every calorie. Good thing I don’t live in the Boston area, but when I am in area I surely will be back for more!

Tom, 8/7/17 — 5 star
I ordered some brownies and cookies for a birthday gift and I live in Western mass- Orange they were delivered on time and were OUTSTANDING everything was done perfectly please give Yummy Mummy’s a try you will love them!

Theresa, 7/6/17 — 5 star
Just Awesome! Ordered for a friend’s son for his wedding rehearsal out of state. Melissa made special � brownies for him and assorted brownies for out of town guests. Just delicious! Packed perfectly for flying!

Tatiana, 6/26/17 — 5 star
So happy to be able to get an egg, dairy and pea free cake for my little. It tasted great, everyone loved it, and most important was no reaction for my son!

Caitlin, May 25, 2017 — 5 star
Best brownies, cookies, cupcakes, and doughnut muffins!!! Have had several cakes and brownie platters and all have come out beautiful, delicious and super speedy. Just the best

Cheryl, 4/8/17 — 5 star
Got a large platter of brownies and cookies for my son’s college voice recital. They were gone within 20 minutes and everyone raved about how wonderful they were!! Delicious, and an attractive presentation as well!

Emilie, 3/9/2017 — 5 star
I am totally in love with Yummy Mummy Brownies! I’d eat one every day if I could! I love bringing them to parties and gatherings so that I can share their yummyness with others! ❤

Linda, 3/8/2017 — 5 star
Best brownies ever and gluten free too! Your brownies are so fudgie and my Mom loves your seven layer bars. Never had anything I didn’t like ❤❤

Kathleen, 3/7/2017 — 5 star
This place is sweet! Melissa is friendly, their prices are reasonable. The food varies from gluten& soy free, the basics, to the unusual and creative. Pop by for a box to be the hit of your party!

Melissa, 1/19/2017 — 5 star
Delicious brownies, cookies, cakes, and pies! The best coconut cream pie I have ever had. My kids are obsessed with the creative cake pops for each holiday. Adorable store and excellent customer service!

Nick, 2/11/2017 — 5 star
Baked an amazing cake for my dog’s birthday. Thank you!

Mary Beth, 12/11/2016 — 5 star
Walked in and asked if they could bake a cake for my Dad’s 70th birthday. Everyone was so nice and accommodating and the cake was fantastic! After an easy and quick consult we landed on a sheet cake of chocolate with a peanut butter filling and whipped cream frosting and a lighthouse theme. Everyone at the party thought it was delicious, especially my dad! The frosting-rocks they made to go at the base of the lighthouse looked like they could have been picked up from a rocky beach! Couldn’t be happier!

Melissa, 12/5/2016 — 5 star
We had my daughter’s 11th birthday party at Yummy Mummy Bakery. Meredith and Libby did an amazing job and kept the 10 girls baking, decorating, and laughing the entire time! Yummy Mummy also made my daughters DELICIOUS cake! (The 3rd cake they have made for us!) I can’t say enough about our entire experience!

Nora, June 1, 2016 — 5 star
I picked up a mini coconut cake at the Garden in the Woods gift shop today. Little birthday treat. It was honestly the most amazing baked good I have ever had. Ever. Hands down. Buttery, slightly crisp on the edges, fluffy on the inside, bursting with coconut flavor. Words are not enough!! *finishes gushing.

Katherine, January 30, 2016 — 5 star
Yummy mummy handled my last minute (24hr in advance) cake order with ease. It came out perfectly . It’s for our Rainbow baby’s first birthday. Our plans had gotten messed up “Murphy’s law ” … and yummy mummy’s made sure her day was still special with a perfectly decorated theme cake

Caryn Francese — 5 star
Went in on Friday the 22nd of January because I had forgotten to get a cake for my goddaughter’s birthday, They were friendly an accommodating. Picked up the BEAUTIFUL cake on Saturday afternoon during the snow storm and had it on Sunday afternoon. The caked tasted AMAZING and was beautiful. I cannot recommend this place enough. My son’s have already gone online and picked their flavors for their birthdays as have I.

Ashley Glatt — 5 star
Mildly obsessed with these brownies (especially salted caramel). They make a super convenient thank you or hostess gift that I can either pick up at the store or just order online and have shipped. I love that they brew coffee, too, which makes the store a great place to meet clients. Everyone who works there is extremely friendly and accommodating. Be sure to stop in soon!

Allison Bumsted — 5 star
Just ordered a custom chocolate birthday cake with buttercream frosting for my son at Yummy Mummy – it was amazing! The boys loved it and we had to hide the left-overs so we could take some home. The owner is lovely and very willing to create a cake design in fondant. We couldn’t be more pleased with our cake and, we always love the delicious brownies! Thank you!

Julia Coache — 5 star 
Melissa let 13 Westborough teens come design their own cakes at Yummy Mummy, and they had a blast! Not to mention the cakes and cupcakes were AMAZING! A definite great idea for birthday parties or group activities, or just to stop in for a delicious treat. Thanks again Melissa and everyone else at Yummy Mummy!

Lyn Folsom McMahon — 5 star
Discovered the Oreo Brownie on Wednesday at the Kendall Farmer’s Market!!!! OMG!!!! Shared it with two of my coworkers – everyone wants to come back and get one of their very own!!!!! Totally outstanding!! And then I find out you’re opening a retail shop in Westboro? Fabulous!!!!! Congratulations – am spreading the word!!!!

Cara Stazinski Lynch — 5 star
They have GF [Gluten Free] brownies that are out of this world! You know they are when your husband, who does not have a gluten allergy, eats it when you aren’t around!

Jessica Bonetti — 5 star
Needed something sweet to welcome back a co-worker who was out for a while and really didn’t want to get the typical grocery store cake. Decided to come here and I am so glad I did. She whipped up a quick small platter with a variety of things like brownies and lemon bars. DELICIOUS! Thanks again!!

Paula K Shapiro — 5 star
I ordered the most delicious and yummy birthday cake for my daughter’s birthday! We knew the cake would be amazing as all of the bakery items are delicious but it definitely surpassed our expectations! Thank you for making my daughter’s birthday so special!

Andrew Talvy — 5 star
My partner ordered the Lemon Curd Cake and an assortment of cupcakes for my surprise party. I have never tasted desserts so delicious. The cake was incredibly moist and flavorful. Everyone at the party commented on how fantastic the desserts were.

More Accolades…

November 2016
Hello. I was at the Copley Square Farmer’s Market today and bought 4 brownies. The best brownies EVER! You have an exceptional product. I’ll pass the word. Sincerely, Rhonda Rudner

August 2016
“Awesome Birthday Cake! All my guests were amazed to see such a beautiful cake. Job perfectly done. Well priced with good ingredients & best taste. Owner Melissa is a wonderful person who listens & understands your needs. Great job! Keep up the good work. Highly recommended!”

February 2016
“Recently purchased two intricate custom rainbow cakes from Yummy Mummy. Not only were the cakes exactly what I had envisioned they were beyond Yummy! Also the Bagels were outstanding! I would recommend Yummy Mummy Bakery to anyone who likes great customer service and likes to get exactly what they want and pay for… Will definitely back for more…Thank you!”

April 2016
“Just want to let you know that the coconut cake was a HUGE hit! I was told that I need to bring it to every family holiday. It was devoured!”

March 3, 2016 – Undiscovered Kitchen Review
“Most amazing brownie you will ever eat!! Fantastic product, no matter the flavor!!”

Forwarded to me from my lawyer:
“Hi Jeff, I just received your package. Completely unnecessary, but much appreciated!”

The bad part is that those brownies are downright evil. I’ve never eaten a dessert that is so tasty and so DENSE. Those three brownies must weigh close to two pounds. I can only imagine the amount of butter that was used to make them. Now somehow I have to try and eat these without feeling terribly guilty.   I’ll do my best…   Marcus

March 1, 2016 – Weetabix International
“I wasn’t able to pick up the cake yesterday but I did see pictures and get feedback. The cake was a BIG hit! Thank you so much and kudos to the chef and decorator. I appreciate all of your help with this. The retiree was beside himself.”

February 28, 2016 
“Thanks again for the Star Wars cake. Ben loved it, and everyone thought it was delicious.”

February 23, 2016 – From NIFT
Mary Mattock, reviewed $15 to Spend at The Yummy Mummy Bakery with a thumbs up and wrote: “Love the treats from Yummy Mummy! Everything was tasty and fresh and plenty to share with everyone! Loved it!!! Thanks!”

February 18, 2016
“I wanted to write to you and thank you so very much for sending my sister a variety of the brownies I requested. She lit up and was so happy. They look delicious and she cannot wait to try them! I will be ordering from you again no doubt!”

From Columbia Tech’s 2015 holiday party:
“Hi Melissa, Your desserts were a BIG hit. Fantastic! I had just the chocolate cream pie and loved it. We actually hid one tray that I put out towards the end so the hoarders would not take it all.”


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